B i o g r a phy

Massimo Merone, orchestra conductor, choral conductor and violinist, successfully concluded his studies of violin at the Conservatory "l. Cherubini" in Florence with L. Gamberini and C. Lazari. He studied at the scuola di Musica di Fiesole with R. Zanettovich, at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena with the celebrated trio di Trieste, at the scuola di musica internazionale del Trio di Trieste-Duino (TS). He continued his studies at the Music Academy of Florence with C. Rossi.

As a violinist he plays soloist and hets active in various chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras: orchestra da camera C. Cavalieri , Orchestra da camera Fiorentina, symphony orchestra of the Institute "Franci" in Siena, Charlie's string quintett, Quintet Vox Cordis, Archè Orchestra .

Since 2000 he covers the prominent role of  second violin in the "orchestra sinfonica Città di Grosseto" and has been a member since its founding. With it he has performed in many cities in Italy and abroad.

Collaborates with some of the most important baroque groups including the Auser Musici, Europa Galante, the Barocchisti, Musica Perduta, Capella Tiberina, performing in prestigious international festivals.

Interested in conducting, received his diploma for Choral Directors Association at the international school for choir conductors of the fondazione Guido d'Arezzo with top marks.

From 2000 he directes the choral ensemble "G.P. da Palestrina", specialized in performances of Renaissance and Baroque music, with which he has performed in Italy and abroad. 

He graduated with the highest marks the title of conducting at the conservatorio L. Cherubini in Florence in the class of A. Pinzauti. 

In 2010 at the end of a course with M° P. Bellugi, he was designated to conduct the concert with the orchestra in Florence "Florence Synphonietta".

He also studied with R. Gabbiani, P. Neumann, N. Corti, L. Donati, L. Marzola, A. L. King.

He received his diploma at the European Academy of postgraduate studies  in orchestral conducting in Vicenza with R. Gessi.  In 2012 he distinguished him self in the Berliner Masterkurse held by the Berlin Simphoniker M° L. Shambadal, who, during a masterclass on Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, awarded him the diploma of merit.

He also conducts various symphony orchestras such as the orchestra "città di Grosseto ", the orchestra  C. Cavalieri , Florence Synphonietta , the città di Arezzo orchestra , the symphony orchestra of Sanremo, the orchestra  G. D'arezzo , Capella Tiberina. 

In 2014 he graduated with full marks and honours the second-level diploma in Baroque violin at the Conservatory "Maderna" of Cesena in the class by Luca Giardini.

He is Professor of violin and choral training at the "istituto musicale comunale  P. Giannetti" of Grosseto